Date:  Saturday, January 21, 2012   Location: Jack’s Restaurant   Time: 10am-2:30pm

CALL TO ORER: President Gough called the meeting to order at 10:03 a.m.

DR. Ed Richards led our Pledge of Allegiance.



Bob Gough, President, Dr. Ed Richards, Past President, Ron Marks, Treasurer, Mary D. Wolf, Secretary. 
EXCUSED:  Pam Carter, 1st V.P.

ABSENT: Diane Herring, Sr. V.P., Jim Rich, 2nd V.P.

REGIONAL DIRECTORS: Barbara Grimm-Excused.

CLUB ELECTED DIRECTORS: Jim Frazier-Audrian, Glen Nelson-Benton County, Sara Dickson-Boone County,
Ron Marks-Greater Ozarks, Pat Buschmann, V.P.-Gasconade County Bob Gough-Greater Kansa City,
Timothy Thompson-Platte County,  Rick Petersen-Randolph County, Lester Bailey-Salt Fork, Martin Mares-St. Charles County, Tom Wilsdon-St. Louis County.

COMMITTEE CHAIRS:  Rick  Petersen-Awards Committee, Glen Nelson, Newsletter Chair

GUESTS: Jeannie Stuart, St. Louis County-20 years of service –National Office, 2x Tough Tusk Recipient
Steve Walsh, Boone County , Terry Fusselman, Randolph County -28 year member, Former State President

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The July 16, 2011 Board Meeting and Biennial Minutes were approved as were the October 8, 2011 Board Meeting as circulated and  presented by Mary Wolf, Secretary.  Motion by T. Wilson with second by R. Marks.


Ron Marks presented the financials (attached). Missouri Federation of Pachyderm clubs has 967 paid members. Bank balance on 1st January 2012 at $5,137.58. See report for detailed club dues collected, disbursements, and expenses. Two C. D.’s total $9770.35

Tom Wilsdon requested report be accepted audit. Agreed.


Ron Marks reported  all Club E.I.N due 1/16/2012 to National Office (Holly Lintner, Executive Director). Our Federation is classified as a 501 C-4 organization.

Three clubs have yet to report: POLK COUNTY, AUDRAIN COUNTY and, CLAY COUNTY.

President Gough introduced the idea of tax exempt status. Group discussed. Presently Federation does not have this exemption. Group decision to continue as is, with no motion to adopt sales tax exemption. Motion died.


Mary Wolf reported she is compiling current Federation Bylaws. She has incorporated additions/deletions approved during 2009 and our July 2011 Biennial conference. Mary will circulate to all Board Members.

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Dr. Richards, Past President presented State Federation budget for December 1, 2011 through December 31, 2012. (SEE ATTACHED).  He explained this is a 13 month budget to bring our state fiscal year into line with the national fiscal year. Budget approved on voice vote following motion by Dr. Richards with second by Tom Wilsdon.


President Gough circulated proposed calendar prepared by Pam Carter. Tom Wilsdon provided review.

STATE LINCOLN DAYS-February 17-19th at Westin Crown Center-Kansas City, Missouri.  Board approved Friday night hospitality suite at cost of $169.00.  All agreed we need the visibility .Pres. Gough asked Tom Wilsdon to coordinate  with Pam Carter for Pachyderm Hospitality suite. All hospitality suites will be on 5th floor of Convention Center. Motion by Mary Wolf with second by Rick Petersen to allocate $100.00 in expenses for Lincoln Days event, and allow Tom and his committee to determine if Pachyderm Suite will serve alcohol and determine refreshment choices. Voice vote-Approved by yeas. Hospitality Suites will open at 9:30 p.m. Friday following key note address.

President Gough, who resides in Kansas City and his wife, Helen will staff the Pachyderm Table near Registration area. They will not need an overnight room. A poster of Ronald Reagan will be on site to attract attendees and for picture taking. Anyone who can help staff table is welcome. Pres. Gough requested St. Charles president-to coordinate literature from National Office in St. Charles.

The Pachyderm Forum will occur on Saturday, 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. featuring Tom Schweich, Auditor and Dennis Owens.


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Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is the Friday evening keynote speaker. Gov. Bob McConnell of West Virginia will speak Saturday evening.

                                                                                                          Officer training seminar for new club officers Saturday afternoon 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. President Gough asked Ron Marks to coordinate this effort.

Legislator of Year Award Saturday Evening. Ron Mark to coordinate.

LEGISLATIVE DAY to occur March 28, 2012. This year there may be two educational offerings-the usual tour of the Governor’s Mansion and a possible visit to the Missouri Supreme Court. President Gough requested Dr. Richards obtain/ provide attorney name (Boone County Club) who extended this opportunity.  Will update clubs if finalized.

President Gough will notify Dr. Steve Tilley, Speaker of the House for calendar placement.

Group discussion - need for photographer for group picture (distribution to local press). President Gough asked Tom Wilsdon to arrange lunch for attendees and their representatives that is both enticing and tasty.

Quarterly Board Meeting originally scheduled April 21, 2012 needs to be adjusted with Republican Congressional District Conventions occurring that day. Motion by Mary Wolf with second by Ron Marks to move quarterly Board Meeting to April 14, 2012. APPROVED -voice vote.



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Glen Nelson reported the newsletter deadline is February 3, 2012. Each officer is encouraged to write an article and submit. It was suggested

Ron Marks submit an article about the Springfield (Greater Ozarks) officer instillation held last night. Catherine Hanaway spoke and Holly Lintner presided over officer induction. 25 local candidates were present.

Rick Petersen reported that he will do an article on AWARDS as August 2012 approaches.

Sara Dickson, the new Boone County Club President questioned about Pachyderm Presence on Face-Book. President Gough encouraged her to explore this and report back to Board.


Discussion led by Pres. Gough on what term political education means? How can we as Pachyderms embrace this? He encouraged that at all club meetings there should be a political report. We have accepted the responsibility to educate not only our members, but the public and all registered voters. Pres. Gough encouraged clubs to consider “Caucus” as topic.

Dr. Richards shared his thoughts on the importance of identifying a way to reach into high schools and capture the teenage population. He reminded all of the George Parker Youth Conference held annually. He complimented the Columbia Club on continuing this tradition. Also reminded all that promoting Boys State and Girls State is an excellent way to develop future leaders. Pachyderm Foundation will match donations reminded Jim Frazer.

                                                                                              Page 6 of 6 Dr. Richards and President Gough encouraged clubs to extend/grow club membership by maintaining old and recruiting new members.



Rick emphasized importance of recognizing leadership in local clubs and communities. Awards need not always be presented to Pachyderms –include community leaders and enjoy the press and public relations boost it gives your club. Rick encouraged clubs to set aside personal conflicts and identify recipients. He reminded all to not forget Club Founders. Rick asked Board and club presidents to form awards committees and ask for potential recipients each month.


St. Louis County Club-John Brunner, candidate for State Senator will be speaker at their club officer instillations.

Salt Fork Club-Lester Bailey reported their Lincoln Days will be February 9, 2012 with both Lloyd Smith, Chair of Missouri Republican Party and Tom Schweich, State Auditor.


Motion by Tom Wilsdon, second Mary Wolf. Adjourned at 1445.

Next Meeting : 10:00 a.m. Saturday, April 14, 2012 Jack’s Restaurant.

                                                                                                          Respectfully Submitted,

Mary Wolf, Secretary